Enrico Scolaro
Broker – Managing Director
Enrico is the founder of Enrico Scolaro Shipbrokers. Born on the 27th of  September 1948, he started as a shipbroker when he was 20 years old joining his uncles and later on, in 1976, he decided to found his own company. He made his way through these years making Enrico Scolaro Shipbrokers as it is today.
Maria Carossino Scolaro
Broker – Director – Administration 
Maria has been Enrico’s long standing partner both in life and business. She entered Enrico Scolaro Shipbrokers in 1986 and since then she has been crucial for the development and growth of the company adding the otherwise missing lady’s touch.
Fabio Carbone
Fabio was born in 1975 and, after studying as a ship deck and engine officer and spending few years onboard container Vessels, he moved in the company in 1997, where he grew as a shipbroker and has soon become a specialist. He takes care of Sale & Purchase and Chartering.
Francesca Paolillo
Francesca was born in 1979, she studied European languages and then she worked a few years onboard cruise ships as cadet purser. She joined Enrico Scolaro Shipbrokers in 2004 and after training in post-fixture now she takes care of container Chartering
Tommaso Scolaro
Tommaso was born in 1985, graduated in Shipping Maritime at Genoa’s University and then obtained an Msc in Shipping Trade and Finance at CASS Business School in London. After a one year training period in Hong Kong he joined the company in 2009. Today he follows Sale & Purchase and Chartering.

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