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Genoa Shipping Week & Eisbeinessen 2023

On 12th October last, In occasion of the 16th Edition of the Genoa Shipping Week and of the Genoa Shipping Dinner 2023, we held our Lunch Reception at Terrazza Colombo, a beautiful terrace on the rooftop of a skyscraper in Genoa City Center. Lots of colleagues of our shipping network and several clients, Shipowners and Charterers, attended the event. We gathered with the background of the amazing view of the city and of the port of Genoa, holding interesting conversations and discussing the developments of the market also in view of the impact of the regulations related to CII and ETS on the various shipping sectors as from next year. It has been the perfect occasion to meet and exchange points of view within such a wide range of players of the shipping industry.

In November, during week 45, we attended the 73rd edition of the Eisbeinessen in Hamburg, one of the biggest event in the world of the shipping industry, which gives the opportunity to meet once per year within the very active shipping community of Hamburg.